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Laura M - Conference interpreter , Belgium

I had a lot of language teachers in the course of my career as an interpreter, and the instructor with whom I worked with during my EMFLI course is amongst the best I ever had. Not only is he competent and conscientious, but he immediately identified my weaknesses and my needs, and adapted my course programme consequently. He also managed to create a relaxed and motivating atmosphere during the lessons, and gave me a real interest in the French language and culture. My French course at EMFLI is definitely one of the best language courses I have ever attended.

Jennifer W. - Consultant, Australia

As I plan to go live in France for professional reasons, I had to learn to speak French quickly. Private lessons were a good solution: I could learn at my own pace and the way that suited me best, with a very good teacher, attentive to me all through the day. Practising French intensively, during the lessons, the breaks and the meals, was very effective and I progressed rapidly.

Mary B. - Retired, USA

I took a lot of French lessons in groups, but after some time I had the impression that I was stagnating: the students had different levels in French, and the lessons did not always meet my expectations. It was very different with this private course. The tailor-made program was well adapted to my level and to my needs, and the teachers took into account my interests and preferences in terms of learning materials and ways of learning. This course enabled me to progress more than I expected. In addition, the atmosphere was nice and relaxed, and learning French was a real pleasure.

Johannes D. - Project manager, Netherlands

I already had an intermediate level in French, but I wanted to feel more comfortable with speaking and learn more authentic French. The residential immersion course was to me the best way to learn French. Learning with native French speaking instructors and talking with the owners of my guest house allowed me to learn French as it is spoken, which is quite different from the language I learned at school and in books (pronunciation, expressions…).

James S. - Sales director, England

My course and stay were very well organized, the teaching methods are effective to learn French fast, the instructors are competent… EMFLI is a very professional school, and I was fully satisfied with my course.

Michael D. - Technical specialist , USA

I have to speak French in my professional life, and my language requirements are very specific. Therefore I needed a tailored course suited to my needs. My course at EMFLI was very practical: we worked with simulations of professional situations, using my own professional documents, and I could also prepare for a presentation. My French improved a lot and I was able to reach my goals owing to this week-long course.

Lisa J. - Student, England

Thanks to this intensive course, I have reached the end of the beginner’s level within 2 weeks! My teacher was competent and patient. He can speak my own language and that was very helpful: he was able to explain things in English when I did not understand, he understood my mistakes due to my mother tongue, and could explain the differences between English and French.

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